Here is my situation

Wife lost her job……owes her company 20K in back wages. They want paid off on or before Dec. 31, 2007. She has existing medical problems. Has a surgery scheduled for October 18th. I have a house and a house payment, 5 cars, 3 of which are paid off, 1 Harley, which I still owe a small amount on……if I go into bankruptcy Chapter 7. What do I lose? I do not mind parting with 2 cars but want to save my bike. Do I have a chance in hell to do this?!?!?! I am screwed and all I have been doing s working and staying straight in line!!! I believe I am finished!

If you got a good friend. Have him “buy” the bike and put it in his name. As long as you both believe it’s yours, no problemo.

I’ve never heard of having to pay back wages. If she had to quit because of medical conditions you may want to contact a lawyer, there may be stipulations or something that can be done.

My opinion is to sell everything you can. Hey, it’s just stuff. Being able to care for your family is much more important than a dumb bike. I can say dumb bike because I’ve owned 2 harleys, and a bike is just a bike. Remember, you can always fight back and someday buy another one. Do whatever it takes to take care of you wife and family.

Can you explain how someone ends up owing their employer back wages? I’d like to know so this never ends up happening to me?

Here is an article that sums up what is in the Consumer Reports article about credit cards.

USAA scoring highest didn’t surprise me, even though I have never had a credit card with them. I have checking and a savings account with them and customer service is superior. I have never had to wait over three minutes to speak with a rep. Most of the time it’s less than a minute wait. When I banked at BOA I wa sometimes kept on hold for 20 minutes or more!

She was advancing her paychecks and had been for sometime……this I knew nothing about! I guess this is just a bump in the road of life! I still dont wnat to lose my bike!

Another reason to hate Citi… SNEAKY!

They took over Exxon Mobil CC operations too and sent me a notice about it.

I called them and told them I no longer had the Mobil account and I wanted my name and personal info out of their database.

I doubt it was removed though. Once they have you, I don’t think they ever want to let you go.

I hope they don’t go checking into my credit report and plan on sending me one of their credit cards. Every inquiry can result in a lower score. Maybe I am borrowing trouble, but I don’t trust Citi one bit!