Personal loans

I am a disabled single parent looking for a legit way to get a personal loan of 7500. I am about to buy a house but they will not also give me this extra bit I need.

I want to pay off my cards and get a car because the house is not in an area with public transportation near the house.

I am about to call the loan officer to withdraw the application for the house loan because it won’t make any sense to have a house and not be able to get anywhere for shopping and schools and medical.

I tried prosper and they were so nasty I left.

My income is 950 and my score is 620 but the bank won’t help me either. Does anyone have any suggestions?

You need to be careful about more debt. Here are a few concepts from the Dave Ramsey’s books Total Money Make Over and Financial Peace University:

Fist step-establish an emergency fund of $500-$1,000.

Second step-create a monthly budget that shows where every $ goes. You also need to stop using credit. The objective here is to reduce your spending and get on a plan to reduce outstanding debt.

I hope this helps.