Will try to make this short. My partner filed bankruptcy Jul ’06. I did not. We have a 2nd mortgage in both our names with HomEq. The original mortgage is in my name. In Aug ’06 I quit receiving statments from HomEq. I called them and said we wanted to continue paying this obligation. I was sent paperwork to sign, I sent it back and I have verification it was received. I received on more bill, then no more.

Since August, I have e-mailed, sent payments, of which I never received notification of payment, other than my cancelled check. I have no idea if it went on my account. They refuse to send me anything. I have called, I have sent registered letters. They say they are looking into it, but never respond back to me. It seems like an elaborate way to charge me late fees, etc., I don’t know, I don’t get statements.

I’ve kept track of all calls, e-mails and everything I’ve sent has been by registered mail. All we want to do is get statments and pay the bill. It shouldn’t be this hard to get them to agree to this. Most people get OUT of trying to pay bills. This is the only organization I’m having difficulties with. Has anyone experienced something similar? It seems just bizarre that I’m having this much trouble trying to pay an obligation. Any advice offered would be greatly appreciated.

Have you contacted the BK lawyer your partner used? Was the 2nd included in the discharge or excluded? It should list the individual debts. You would not want this debt to be included in their filing. Has the BK moved to the liquidation stage? Have you pulled your credit report to see how this debt is being reported? Most mortgages are excluded in BK. Again, the lawyer may shed some light on this.